Spoiler Report: Weed Ads May Come Soon, RIP Dave Mirra, More

Stories to smoke to before your weekend.

Kelly Slater Is Making a Documentary About Drug Smuggling
It will be based on the book Thai Stick by Peter McGuire. "This is a history they certainly don’t teach you in school but an important and significant cultural phenomenon that occurred mostly undocumented," says Slater. [The KIND]

New Bill to Allow Weed Biz to Advertise in Newspapers in Weed-Legal States
The Congressional measure introduced by Oregon representatives Thursday aims to overturn a U.S. Postal Service ban on cannabis ads in newspapers, making an amendment to the Controlled Substances Act. [Leafly]

RIP BMX Legend, Dave Mirra
The 41-year-old, 24-time-X-Games-medalist, and father of two, was reportedly found dead in Greenville, North Carolina, Thursday. Shred on, Dave. Shred on! [The Guardian]

Silk Road One Year Later: Ulbricht Still in Prison for Life
"Now, while the defense awaits an appeal, it's logical to ask how Ulbricht is still behind bars when the actions of the agents that put him there tainted the entirety of the investigation." [The KIND]

James Franco to Direct Stripper Epic
The Twitter tale told by Aziah "Zola" Wells "was hashtagged #TheStory, trended worldwide and had some famous fans while it unfolded on Twitter." [Rolling Stone]

This Chicago Prosecutor Lost Faith in the Drug War From the Inside Out
After working in Chicago and later Afghanistan, 
Inge Fryklund tells Leafly her thoughts on the War on Drugs: "Part of what bothers me the most about the whole the war on drugs is the sheer intellectual dishonesty of it." [Leafly]

Colorado Weed Sales More Than $1bn
According to a report from 
cannabis investment firm the ArcView Group, people spent a lot of pennies on pot in Colorado in 2015. [The Cannabist]

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