Spoiler Report: Weed Votes 2016, DIY Grow-Op for Your Garage, More

Monday morning news and cannabis stories.

Cannabis Could Determine America's Next President
The 2016 campaign trail has been entertaining. A common theme among the candidate's speeches: Cannabis, and where they stand on its legalization. According to Inc., "Leslie Bocskor, founder of marijuana business consulting firm Electrum Partners, says he believes cannabis ballot initiatives in Arizona, California, Florida, Maine, Massachusetts, Nevada, and Ohio will draw youth voters—ultimately impacting the presidential election."[Inc.]

Bernie Sanders Campaign Volunter Gifted An Ounce of Weed
While voters in the cannabis community try to figure out which presidential hopeful plans to lend the most executive assistance to O.G. Kush and other strains of cannabis, one volunteer canvassing for Bernie Sanders in Colorado was given a free ounce of nugs from an on-the-fence voter that also happened to make cannabis-infused edibles and creams. That's one way of showing support. [Cannabist]

Iran Will Execute 100 Drug Offenders
Because it isn't 2016 in some parts of the world. According to reports, "The prospect of this mass execution for drug crimes comes just months after the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) inked a new $20 million deal with Iran to assist in its counter-narcotic efforts." [VICE]

Colorado Court Says Property Insurance Should Cover Cannabis for Weed Biz
But it's indeed 2016 in others. Such as in Colorado, where last week, "A U.S. District Court Judge ruled this month that legal marijuana is insurable under commercial property policies." And in this case, Green Earth Wellness––a dispensary whose products were damaged by area wildfires in 2012––but whose claims were denied by their property insurer. This ruling, gives Green Earth Wellness some judicial feet to stand on and take their fight to trial. [Westword]

Washington, D.C., Weed Advocates Want to Reschedule 4/20
So they're planning to smoke in front of the White House on April 2, in an effort to persuade President Obama to reschedule cannabis, which is a Schedule 1 Narcotic under federal law. Um. No. [Washington Post

Canadian Weed Startup Wants to Put a Grow-Operation in Your Garage
The aptly named "Hotbox" is a cannabis grow-operation on wheels, with hopes to help medical marijuana patients cultivate their own medicine at home. The setup has LED lights, can grow up-to 40 plants, skirts building code issues, is a tight-as-hell idea, and would cost patients $18,000-per-box. [CTV Vancouver]

First Lady of the Leaf Jane West Will Speak at a Mainstream Music Festival
The founder of Women Grow and an advocate for women in weed will speak at Nevada music festival Future Further. [L.A. Weekly]

High Times Cannabis Cup Permit Withdrawn From Pueblo, Colorado
With the process of securing a permit taking "too long," the world's largest weed festival is still without a home for its 4/20 Colorado event. [KRDO]