Spoiler Report: White-Washing Legal Weed, Rave Safely, More...

Pre weekend wake and takes.

Legal Weed Industry Seemingly for White People Only
The legal cannabis landscape is confusing. But also inherently racist, in some places. Because America's War on Drugs systemically targeted black Americans, a disproportionate number of black people hold drug charges related to cannabis. People with previous drug felonies are barred from participating in America's legal weed boom everywhere from Illinois to California. According to one reporter, "It appears that fewer than three dozen of the 3,200 to 3,600 storefront marijuana dispensaries in the United States are owned by black people—about 1 percent." [BuzzFeed]

It Takes a Lot of Moving Parts to Stop Drug Deaths at Music Festivals
Organizations and nonprofits such as Conscious Crew work to spot festival-goers who might be in need of help. They also spread helpful harm-reduction information surrounding drug use, which is popular in the rave scene. Cities such as Los Angeles and Seattle are enacting legislation that regulates raves held on county property and developing policies that promote festival safety. [THUMP]

Pennsylvania House Passes Medical Marijuana Bill
The Quaker State is the latest to enact medical marijuana legislation in 2016. According to reports, the state "
House of Representatives passed Senate Bill 3 with a vote of 149-43, which would legalize medical marijuana in the state." [Fox43]

These Are the States Where People Love Weed the Most
Not unsurprisingly, the South is still hesitant to profess a love for sativa. And indica. Not-so-surprisingly, virtually the entire West Coast is all about that weed life. [Estately

A $200 Blunt and Other Really Expensive Weed Products
From the strain, God's Vagina, to a blunt containing high-end cannabis and all of its concentrated derivatives, you're a f*cking ass clown if you pay full price for any of these expensive Canadian weed products. [VICE]

And here is a video of a little fox laughing as if it were lit AF. Happy Friday!