Spoiler Report: Women Write Best Sex; Drugs Write Best Sci-Fi, More.

It's Friday, we're going to get you high...on headlines. News.

Sweden to Distribute 'We Should all Be Feminists' to Every 16-Year-Old in the Country.
Unfortunately this rational and sound decision is cause for celebration because its 2015 and people still don’t have equal rights. Keep killing the game, Sweden.  [

Science Proves Idiocy of People Who Clog Social Media Feeds With Inspirational Bullshit
Canadian study says people that are impressed with and share inspirational quotes on social media have lower IQs. Finally.[Study]

Pamela Anderson to Appear in Last Nude Edition of Playboy.
This is going to be wonderful. [Los Angeles Times]

Women Are Better at Writing Erotica Than Men
This should be a given. [Broadly]

Hella Dudes Online Are Trading Stories and Tips on Wet Dreams
Is this why Playboy is switching things up? [VICE]

Will Drugs Make You More Creative?
The KIND contributor Harmon Leon says yes because Blade Runner. [The KIND]

Spoiler From Stoner’s Past: 1974 Interview With Cheech and Chong
Vintage stoney find to start off your weekend. [Merry Jane]

Stream the New Rick Ross Album
Or don't. Up to you. [Hypebeast]