Strain Review: Gorilla Glue

One in a series of KINDLAND's slightly strange kind of strain love.

Party was coming to a close, and I end up walking out with a handful of strangers. As we stand on the sidewalk wondering what’s next, someone breaks out Gorilla Glue and bam, I am on FIRE. I’m a one-woman stand-up comedy show. Everyone is laughing. I remembered everyone’s name: Annie, Corey, Chad, Montanna, and J Wong. Fuck me, I might have gotten that last one wrong. And this was the dude who supplied the weed. I owe you a beer, man, sorry. I get home after making my Uber driver laugh so hard he spit water out of this mouth. I throw my stuff down, feed the cat, and then bam, I am ALL GOOD. Seriously. Mellow as fuck and happy as a kite, wait high as a kite, wait fuck it, I am just really happy. I make myself a peanut & jelly sandwich, and instantly I am couch locked and sleepy. It was the perfect after-party weed. Thanks again, J Wong.

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