SMOKE: Strawberry Banana

This extremely delicious strain is indica dominant but puts you into more of a hammock state rather than a couch lock. This is the child of Banana Kush and Bubble Gum, and it bears a rich, fruitful scent. It has a breezy coloration and produces a calming effect ideal for relaxation.

Do This


I think they sell these at Target, and I'm sure you live near a Target. The hammock is one of modern man's greatest inventions, the apex of relaxation technology, the very ultimate. String this floating bed between two sturdy palm trees. If you're not in palm tree proximity just, I don't know, figure it out, man. A nice cool drink would go nicely with the supine swaying.


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Strawberry Banana smoothie

This is the clearcut winner of the best smoothie flavor pairing, if that were a competition and category that every existed. But it is true that strawberry banana is A-number-one and those who disagree have broken tongues and empty skulls. If you live in a magical world where Orange Julius is still in your mall, I'd suggest that. Plus, it's really fun to be stoned at the mall.