Sunday Spoiler Report: Dinosaur Chickens, Expensive Drugs, More...

And a woman disappears on Vine.

These Scientists Created a Chicken With Dinosaur Legs
The genetic variance between prehistoric dinosaurs and present-day birds isn’t that vast. They’re actually so close, that biologists in Chile were able to raise a chicken that grew a fibula bone similar to that of a dinosaur. University of Chile researcher Alexander Vargas told MUNCHIES, “We inhibited a maturation gene called Indian Hedgehog (IHH), and that allowed the fibula to keep on growing, and this resulted in a chicken that’s like the old dinosaurs.” [MUNCHIES]

Rest in Peace, Former Medical Cannabis Patient Cyndimae Meehan
The teenage girl who suffered from seizures brought on by a lifelong battle with Dravet Syndrome and became an ambassador for the medical marijuana movement after concentrated cannabis oil allowed her to walk again, passed away on Sunday. Ms. Meehan’s story inspired many people, and her family frequently exalted the medicinal benefits of cannabis for states seeking to implement a medical marijuana program. [CBS News]

Industry Shakeup for Oregon Extract Artists
In advance of pending policy, the Oregon Health Authority has advised all dispensaries not to accept or procure cannabis extracts from unlicensed producers and manufacturers until April, when state officials will begin issuing licenses. Alarmists among Oregon’s cannabis community believe this requested delay could lead to a dabbing drought. According to reports, “Lunchbox Alchemy, which makes [butane hash oil], has halted production. The company's products are sold in 220 dispensaries statewide.” [Oregon Live]

Canadian Teens Are Smoking Less Cannabis
For more than a decade, cannabis use among Canadian youths has declined. While we can’t be sure that television’s Degrassi isn’t directly responsible for this nationwide square epidemic, a recent report discovers that the north-of-the-border teens are smoking less weed than their 1980s teen predecessors. Parents are down with these findings, but skeptical that their kids will soon learn that vaping on e-cigarettes makes you a douche, and smoking weed will be cool again. [CBC News]

The Cost of Prescription Drugs Is too Damn High
According to American voters, the affordability of medicine is one of the most important issues of the 2016 election. Reports indicate that those most vulnerable to price hikes are the elderly. The candidates are all over the board on where they stand on the relationship between government and private industry. [The Atlantic] 

Happy Meal Boxes at Swedish McDonald’s Restaurants Turn Into Virtual Reality Headsets
In America they just contribute to the growing rate of childhood obesity. [Mashable]

What kind of things did you smoke out of in high school? Watch this woman disappearing into vapor on live TV. And here is a twerking pig putting in that work, work, work, work.