Although a hybrid, this strain leans far toward a heavy indica. Slow-motion, couch-bound days and sleepy nights. It's the weed version of camomile tea. Great for lack of appetite and body highs that soothe. The mix of sativa adds a light coating of clarity and euphoria. And much like the lush scenery of its namesake, the strain has forest-y, earthy smells.

Do This

Beer Bong

In the summer, Lake Tahoe is filled with boats containing mostly college kids getting absolutely obliterated and maybe doing some wakeboarding or something. This is one of those collections of mess like Las Vegas where it helps to just lean in to the debauchery. So maybe try beer bonging a beer. Bud Light is the watery domestic of choice, usually. But if you're lit from the Tahoe OG, then maybe you'll want to beer bong something tastier, like apple juice or Kool-Aid.


Hit the slopes in Tahoe when the weather doesn't permit bonging shitty beers. Smoke some Tahoe at the top of the mountain and observe the beautiful, glittering snowscape, how it covers the area like a soft cotton blanket, how you desire to lie down in said snowy, fluffy blanket and sleep for ice ages...wait don't do that, don't sleep in the snow. You'll freeze to death, dummy.

Chevy Tahoe

Chevy Tahoes are good cars to smoke in. Now that we've mentioned that, I'm pretty sure Chevy is obligated to give us one. Do they have our address? Will someone give it to them? I'm not sure what the zip code is. Please, someone help.