SMOKE: Tangerine Dream

Tangerine Dream has a sweet flavor and citrus scent just like its name implies. This strain is particularly beneficial for those seeking pain relief while simultaneously keeping clarity of mind. Tangerine Dream eases aches and instills euphoria, but be cautious: It does the former so well that couch-lock is a high possibility.

Do This

Tangerine Dream (band)

Do you like mellow vibe German electronic music from the 1980s? Rip a blaster of Tangerine Dream and throw one of their records on the turntable. Or watch one of the many films from that era they did the soundtrack for. Highlights include cult disaster flick "Miracle Mile" or Tom Cruise classic "Risky Business." Or make it modern: They also did the score for Grand Theft Auto V.

Tangerine (film)

Highly recommended: This striking film by Sean Baker follows two trans women up and down Santa Monica Boulevard one difficult day, exploring the bonds of friendship in the murky, dangerous world of prostitution and all it affects. The film is filled with great performances—from the main characters to the smaller characters popping in and out of Tangerine's orange-tinged Los Angeles. The film really does look great, especially for being shot entirely on iPhones.


Pair a tab of acid with this tasty strain for a full third-eye experience. Citrus is an important symbol in hallucinogenic drug culture; so give yourself a waking tangerine dream. Turn on, tune in, drop out.