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Everybody’s got a story, especially everybody here at KINDLAND. For the past 20 minutes, Allan—our editor—has been talking about the time he smoked himself out and locked the keys inside the house and how a neighbor called the police thinking Allan was a burglar, and the cop on the scene totally gave him a pass, and that’s when Allan knew he wanted a career in Internet publishing.

Quite frankly, we could use some fresh material. That’s where you come in.

KINDLAND is looking for personal stories of around 800 words to feature in our “Voices” section. You don’t need to be a so-called writer to write a “Voices.” Just tell us a story, your story. Generally, your story should have some kind of marijuana connection: Maybe it’s about a memorable first time smoking, or the way weed has affected your life in particular or surprising ways. You could tell us about a weed-infused friendship that made your life richer, or just go completely out-of-the-box with a reenactment of that weird, weird day last April when you’re pretty sure your dog Skip became possessed by a 3-million-year-old demon from the planet Voltran who spoke to you for 45 minutes straight.

Oh, wait. That’s Allan talking again.

We want your story.

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