That New MTV Show 'Wonderland' Is Actually About Music

So it might really be worth watching.

Looks like MTV cares about music again. Instead of making their priority bad reality TV shows, awkward (no pun) scripted shows, and hours and hours of non-music programming, the music TV network has pulled its head right out of its ass and is bringing you new music. First. Again.

Its latest show, Wonderland, will feature new, aspiring, and on-the-rise musical acts as they perform their music and make you like them (in front of a live audience in L.A.). It’s a show that will actually talk about (and play!) new tunes from new artists, making MTV a place to hear music first.

It must be hard to keep up with the Internet, and Pitchfork, but the show will take a deeper dive into some pretty cool new music acts in the first season. Along with new music, the show will feature standup comedy too—because music and comedy are really cool duh.

From MTV:

A fresh new weekly music show called Wonderland will showcase the best in new music through live performances. Each week, three different acts will take the “stage”—really a living, breathing space in Los Angeles—along with today’s emerging talents in comedy. Developed in partnership with Comedy Central and hosted by musicians and comedians themselves, Wonderland is the first show of its kind that MTV has put on the air in nearly two decades.

Looks like the show will focus on the come up, the struggle, and the real artistry of new millennial acts. So, maybe a slam dunk for MTV. And much needed as it finally gets back into, uhhh, music.

Wonderland premieres on September 15 at 11/10c.