The Grammys Are a Bonanza for L.A. Pot Dealers

During this awards weekend, even the losers will feel like winners.

On being up for a Grammy award, musicians tend to spout a public-facing attitude that there are no winners or losers. The Grammys are not a competition. It’s an honor just to be nominated. And, apparently, many of the artists traveling to Los Angeles for the February 9 through 12 Grammy weekend will be smoking the great quantities of weed required to believe that losing is cooler than winning.

Statistics provided by L.A.’s Tourism and Convention Board indicate an $82 million infusion into the local economy by Grammy contenders streaming into town. Much of that money, of course, goes to hotels, luxury retailers, “entertainment,” and limousine services. But, benefiting from California's easily accessed medical cannabis program, Los Angeles dispensaries will be hauling off fat bundles of recording artists' disposable cash.

From Billboard:

“The Grammys outperform the Oscars for weed—artists consume far more weed than actors,” says a local dealer. “Music is the reverse of a script: It’s an empty page and you’re vibing with other musicians, which makes pot a really social drug.”
Since many artists will log studio time while they are in Los Angeles, sativa strains, which are invigorating and conducive to socializing, are particularly in demand. “Most studios, especially those in the hip-hop world, are all about kushes,” says the dealer, “so I try to keep two to three kush strains in rotation, along with a kush hybrid.”

That dealer must be a little miffed not to have been named in the Billboard copy—with a hyperlink to the dealer’s dispensary homepage. L.A. weed dealers are established professionals! If you're a major entertainment-industry trade paper, and a dispensary operator-manager has given you your money quotes, give the pot shop some online promotion!