The High Hipsters Had the Best 7/10 Ever, at Chalice Festival

Alice and Clark got lit at Chalice Festival in California, then answered some Q's.

In 2016, the weed world is flush with unbankable cash, myriad personalities, and many a cannabis-focused gathering. And when the cannabis community comes together, the uniting of bodies and ideas and nugs (or sometimes no nugs) can range from an all-out, high AF, celebratory weed carnival, where dabs outnumber humans––to something more akin to a TED Talk, or the local skate scene. 

On one end of the pot-affair-spectrum is the Southern California-based Chalice Festival: A celebration of the culture that exists at the intersection of weed, hash, weed concentrates, and music (and also medicated grilled cheese sandwiches). Thousands of medical marijuana patients and muggles, and heady glassholes, and weed industry brands, attended the event, just wrapping its third year running.

One pair of THC-infused social media influencers––the Hollywood-based, and affable, Alice and Clark, a/k/a the High Hipsters, are establishing themselves as fixtures in the L.A. weed scene via weekly videos posted to YouTube from a self-decribed “Dabbin Cabbin.” The millennial duo attended the 2016 Chalice fair in Victorville, California––and according to their Instagram feed, have attended many more weed world soirees; so we hit them up for some insight into the dab festival life. 

The KIND: Describe your experience at Chalice?

The High Hipsters: As first time attendees, we were really impressed by Chalice. The vibe was different than any other cannabis event we've been to. Everyone was in high spirits all weekend long! We tried so many products throughout the medicated section and had our minds blown by some amazing art they had on display! It's like the coolest music + art festival you've ever been to. PLUS dabs!

The KIND: How many dabs did you do?

The High Hipsters: We lost count after the first hour, but in that hour there were at least a dozen dabs. Each.

The KIND: How does Chalice compare to other cannabis community events you've attended? Do you see a trend skewing more toward larger festivals such as this one, and the High Times Cannabis Cup? Or smaller, hyperlocal weed parties, such as the Compas Sesh?

The High Hipsters: Chalice is in a league of its own. The variety of vendors and activities available for patients was something we hadn't seen at other events. In addition to a giant medicated section, they had carnival games, glass-blowing demonstrations, and a Coachella sized stage with an awesome lineup to keep the crowds entertained! There was also a strong security presence that definitely made us feel safe the entire time. In the medicated section, we found so many different edibles and flowers, in addition to a good variety of concentrates. HTCC seemed to be very dab dominated to us these past few years. We're still big fans of local monthly events, like Compas Sesh, but we think Chalice has something really special about it, since it only happens once a year.

The KIND: Before the event took place, the city of Victorville was not down with such a large-scale celebration of hash. One of the events initial supporters even backed out last minute. Did you pick up on any hostile vibes, or was it mostly peaceful

The High Hipsters: We didn't see any bad vibes coming anyone around the fair grounds. We were actually able to park a few blocks away and didn't feel any backlash from the surrounding community. It felt like any other sunny summer day in California.

The KIND: Can you list five essentials for attending a cannabis event like this? What do you pack?

The High Hipsters: We packed:

5. Water bottles. Chalice had refreshing hydration stations for free refills.

4. Sunscreen. Say "NO" to skin cancer!

3. Cash. Although a few vendors did take cards.

2. Hand Fan. Gotta stay cool, even in the buildings it gets smokey.

1. MouthPeace. A must-have for all cannabis events.

The KIND: Do you consider yourselves marijuana activists?

The High Hipsters: We love the term cannabis ambassadors and have been offered some amazing activist opportunities through our YouTube channel.

The KIND: How does social media help or hinder the legalization movement?

The High Hipsters: Social media absolutely helps the movement. It's given us a platform to share our passion for this amazing plant and try to break some stoner stereotypes.

The KIND: What is the perfect dab/joint/sesh to you?

The High Hipsters: Any sesh with friends in a friendly environment is a perfect sesh for us. And dabs don't hurt either.