This Wild Week in Chicken and Waffles

Shoes, bankruptcy court, syrup, hot sauce.

It's been a dizzy news cycle for chicken and waffles.

First, news broke that East Coast Foods Inc., the parent company behind Los Angeles-based c + w slanger, Roscoe’s Chicken and Waffles, is filing for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Like, whaaatttttt!?

The Wall Street Journal is all:

“The parent company of Los Angeles’s iconic Roscoe’s House of Chicken and Waffles restaurants has filed for bankruptcy protection, owing more than $3 million to an ex-employee who said he was a target of racial discrimination and sexual harassment.”

Low key, that’s zero chill, East Coast Foods Inc. Opposite end of the chill spectrum as chicken and waffles, FYI. The Los Angeles Times digs a bit deeper. Essentially: East Coast Foods Inc. comes off as the shadeball of the year (and racist and pervy and cheap), while the future of Roscoe’s seven L.A. locations, whose iconic dish has been immortalized in film, rap music, on t-shirts, and inside of satisfied tummies (shouts to the mac n’ cheese) worldwide, hangs in limbo. 

Zero chill.

Meanwhile, in the land of pretty chill and kinda strange, shoemaker Nike dropped designs for a chicken and waffles inspired line of SB dunks. 

Image via SneakerNews

MUNCHIES’ Alex Swerdloff tells it so eloquently, he makes us want to just dunk these shoes in some hot sauce/syrup and get down to biz:

“The shoe itself has a waffle-textured upper. The Nike swoosh features a dripping brown design, as if the logo had just been dipped in a bath of maple syrup. The color of the shoe is a nice toasty waffle color.”

Real waffle shoes would be so soft

Again, it’s hard to tell if Nike is onto something, is the new chicken-and-waffles plug, is just trolling everyone, or smoked weed once.

Whatever the case, remember that time Lay’s made Chicken and Waffles into potato chips? That was kind of f*cked up, too. 

Doesn't seem like we're learning anything.