Time Lapse Pot Plant Morphs From Tiny Dino to Crystal Clusters

Time lapse filming is one of the trippier conceptions of the higher mammals, allowing humans to take on the vision of gods, a vantage point from which hours past by in seconds, and days are mere moments on the screen.

Intellectual exploration is all about expanding perspectives. What could be a greater brain-stretching exercise than to extend time and space so that an average person with a charged phone can witness the genesis of a single pot plant from seedling to refracting bush of THC prisms?

Maybe time lapse ariel footage of a South American region of natural wonder, to some minds, might be the highest achievement of enhanced photographic processes. But not to every mind.

The first green leaf of this "little weed plant that can" pops out of the turf and twists on its tiny stalk like the face of a newborn dinosaur surveying the planet upon its spindly green neck! A newborn cannabis sativa sprout is as cute as a basket of kittens! And an unparalleled intellectual stimulation! At least, some people might think so.

Others will be more inspired toward the end of this 8-minute-plus video: The clusters of leaves seem to excrete some kind of glassy, geometric forms with symmetrically arranged plane faces. Now, that's something to think about!

Thanks to Dangerous Minds for turning us on.