Tiny Cooking Is Little Food From the Future

Tiny food is the best Internet craze.

Watching cooking shows is no doubt a soothing, mellowed-out experience that can make you feel like butter. But watching people cook tiny food, in tiny kitchens, using doll furniture and doll-sized utensils, is practically euphoric.

The Japanese trend of doll-sized cooking has been on Youtube for a long time. Pocket Resort and Miniature Space have been uploading videos with the tiniest of foods and stoves for over a year.

The idea is simple, maybe stupid, and very addicting to watch: Cook real food on the smallest scale possible, using only small things. 

The concept comes from Japanese candy companies that sell miniature food packets. You add water and make tiny versions of your favorite foods. Think of it as little space food.

These videos are so much more than the just add water approach. They are using real food, real fire, and everything probably tastes real good. 

Photo: Kracie

These doll kitchens are elaborate, and there must be a world of doll freaks who (maybe) get off on watching toy dolls eat real food. 

However, the recent Internet craze that just broke loose isn't exactly about these fantasy worlds, and maybe that's for the best. 

American company Tastemade has created of few tiny cooking videos of its own, sans dolls. And it seems like it's impossible not to see their tiny tacos in every Facebook feed. 

The hype around tiny cooking isn't necessarily dark; it's simply very pleasurable to watch big hands making painfully tiny foods and cooking them over ridiculously small flames.

These videos are good for dozing off and using the shit out of your imagination.