Today's Recipe: Mario Batali's Weed Brownies

To celebrate the Denver Broncos trip to Superbowl 50, at which they slayed the Carolina Panthers in a 14-point win, Mario Batali gave the Internet his recipe for weed brownies. This act of generous kindness should be a no-brainer "Chill:" A world-renowned chef takes one for team weed by publicly professing a love for edibles while also providing canna-dieters with the instructions of how to create their own. It would be chill, except for two crucial parts of Batali's formula: He leaves out the part of the process where the spent weed-plant matter is separated from the melted butter before mixing in with the brownie batter. Also: Homeboy makes some strong brownies! Batali's recipe serves 9 brownie squares and utilizes more than an eighth of an ounce of pot. Would zoning out on some edibles with a culinary boss be way chill? Or is the possibility of eating one and turning into Guy Fieri too no chill to ponder?