Twenty After: What Drought-Sick California Looks Like After Rain

The thirst is real in the parched Golden state.

The poets say it never rains in Southern California. 

The entire state has felt like that for close to a decade, as California has been facing the worst drought in its 166 year history. Lakes are drying up. Water-usage limits have been enacted in certain areas. Even legal marijuana has been singled out as a major resource-and-energy suck. 

Speaking candidly: The thirst is real. 

The drought is far from over, the state's water supply far from recovered. But according to the Los Angeles Times, a "series of El Niño influenced storms has made a dent." 

"Reservoir levels are rising, along with the snowpack. Both are key sources of water for the state," reports the Times. And there's photographic proof. 

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Before El Niño 

After El Niño 

Thanks, rain. Keep on coming! 

All images via Los Angeles Times