U.S. State Department Catches Heat for Travel Tweet

If someone thinks you're hot, you're about to get scammed.

The United States Department of State Bureau of Consular Affairs (that's a mouthful) has a Twitter account, of course. Lately it's been tweeting out cautionary tips for travelers with the hashtag #springbreakingbadly.

On Wednesday, the account stirred up some controversy with this kind of clunky tweet (which has since been deleted):

Hmm, okay. I think I get what they're getting at here, but it could have been communicated much more smoothly. If you're not Rico fucking Suave back in the states, then someone treating you as such when you're abroad should be a red flag. Sure, okay. Be aware of how hot, or not hot, you are. Got it.

But would the falsely attracted bad person really be luring you into buying expensive drinks? Like, what's the setup on that con? Is it as simple as the conner saying, "Hey, hottie, you're crazy hot, let me buy you a drink," and then stiffing you with the bill? 

Or being robbed. This part does make sense, in a kind of muddled way. The funny thing is, a lot of Twitter got riled up that this tweet was insinuating it was only about women and thusly sexist. What I imagined first was a shlubby businessman with a hot 20-year-old sitting on his lap, stroking his cheek, and picking his pocket with her free hand.

Is the numerical hotness rating scale not gender neutral? Huh.

I hope Kaitlin and Alyssa don't get into any trouble for this unnecessary backlash. The Twitter account has a bit more of a voice than most like it, and that's welcome. Sure, maybe the connection wasn't as clear as it could have been, but it was in the effort of serving their fellow citizens.

Just another day on the Internet, where each and every angle from an innocuous occurrence must be taken very seriously and examined with a sharp, destroying eye

The tweet was deleted and an apology was offered (bummer), though the second part of that so sorry, presaged by the "1/2" at the end, has yet to arrive. I wait on bated breath.