Video Alert: Apple's Customer Satisfaction Is Slipping

Not a good day to be employed at the genius bar.

For those of you unable to comprehend the French language, the man in this video is expressing a very reasoned response to being choked out by the global tendrils of America's late-stage capitalism. The gist of his succinct narration goes something like this: "The iPhone 7 costs like a grand, and it is a piece of merde!"

Transcription continues below.

"Where is my iPod Classic? Bricked! Is this piece-of-merde handset an iPod Classic? Certainly not. It is merde. Merde, merde, Merde. This piece of merde tablet? It will never substitute for my iPod Classic. Which is now a brick. Merde is as merde does. Merde, merde, merde. Vive le Android! Merde, merde, merde."