Weed Print Leggings for Toddlers Appear to Be a Problem

These pants separate good parents from great parents.

Online retail giant Amazon is so far ahead of the curve of modernized commerce that up until this morning it was selling weed-print leggings for little girls.

The original price of the pants, which are marketed under the Aoshilong-Baby brand, was $46.40. At last sight, the skinny weedy togs were marked down to like $5.99 or $7.00.

If there is a local morning news show in America that hasn't already run this story—with suitably outraged commentary—someone will be fired from there by this time tomorrow.

So, if your buyer's impulse is to secure a pair of these delightful cannabis-proud pants for your toddler, you can expect Amazon to have scrubbed the item from its vast digital selection.

But there is always eBay.