WeedWeek: 1-23-16—Sitcoms and Funny Studies

Research shows we need more weed TV shows.

Sitcom genius Chuck Lorre—the brain behind The Big Bang Theory—announced that he is developing a television series centered upon antics at a fictional Colorado weed shop, and romcom mainstay Leslie Mann—a smirking, sweet face of This Is 40 and How to Be Single—admitted she has resorted to marijuana medicated pomegranate juice in her struggle with insomnia.

Former Portland Trailblazers and Detroit Pistons power forward Cliff Robinson plans to start up a legal marijuana farming operation in Oregon, Wu-Tang Clan co-founder Ghostface Killah unveiled a Wu Goo branded flavored marijuana concentrate, and Merryjane entrepreneur Snoop Dogg revealed that three months out of every year—during which he coaches a youth-league football team—he refrains from marijuana use.

A 10-year University of Southern California research project examining 789 pairs of adolescent twins suggests that no measurable link exists between underage marijuana use and lower IQ. A study at Western University in Ontario, Canada, found that adolescents who use cannabis are at risk of schizophrenia—if that teen is a rat. The Journal of Alzheimer's Disease reported that experiments performed on human Alzheimer’s patients indicate that adding cannabis oil to established pharmaceutical protocols mitigated levels of aggression, irritability, apathy, and delusions.

A French volunteer died and four others were hospitalized in a European drug trial for a painkiller that had no connection whatsoever to cannabis.

Denver, Colorado’s Point Gallery hosted its first Cannabis Wedding Expo, and cofounders of Denver tech startup Flowhub, which provides software for cannabis companies, defined their workplace as “weed friendly.” A robber in Spartanburg, South Carolina, robbed a pizza delivery person of cash and pizza at gunpoint, but gave her “a baggy with marijuana in it.” Utah’s Salt Lake County District Attorney told the Salt Lake Tribune that medical marijuana patients are “not the faces of criminals and these are not the people I want to be prosecuting.”