WeedWeek 10-23-15: The DEA Hogs Up the News

The Drug Enforcement Administration has been productive—productive making headlines.

In a busy seven days for America’s Drug Enforcement Administration, an undercover DEA agent was sentenced to 6 ½ years in prison for stealing bit-coins during the investigation that brought down the Silk Road Internet contraband network, and several DEA agents who hired prostitutes to participate in sex parties while on duty in Colombia in 2010 have received bonuses, awards and promotions in violation of watchdog regulations barring them from favorable personnel actions. The DEA opened a Rio de Janeiro office ahead of that Brazilian city hosting the 2016 Olympic games, a federal court in California ruled that the DEA must leave medical marijuana dispensaries alone, and the DEA secretly approved the manufacture and distribution of 151 tons of Oxy and morphine by U.S. pharmaceutical companies.

The brother of crack-smoking Toronto mayor Rob Ford insisted that smoking weed renders a candidate unfit for political office, the use of marijuana by American adults doubled in the past decade, science has proven that marijuana is stronger than it was during the 1980s, one out of five small businesses are cool with employees using medical marijuana at work, and in utero exposure to cannabis has been found to have lifelong effects—if you are a mouse.

Newly elected Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau claims he will legalize recreational marijuana throughout that country, music mogul Russell Simmons announced an initiative to roll back criminal penalties for weed use, and an extra was fired from the set of Neighbors 2: Sorority Rising after making a joke on Instagram about Zac Efron’s weed use.