WeedWeek: November 13, 2015—Fear of a Weed Planet

Mexico’s Supreme Court ruled that cannabis use is a human right. Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton declared that the United States government should be allowed to sponsor research into the effects of marijuana. SKYN Condoms sponsored a study of half a million Millennials, finding that men who smoke weed have sex “several times per day,” and the United States Senate voted to allow VA doctors to recommend weed for military veterans in states where medical marijuana is legal. 

Image via Wikipedia Commons

Entertainer Snoop Dogg unveiled a line of Leafs by Snoop weed products in Denver. Also in Colorado, 30,000 pieces of weed edibles were recalled due to potential pesticide infusion. Pro-marijuana activists in Massachusetts are infighting, and Oregon cannabis growers have stressed the state’s electrical grid. The Post Office noticed a spike in packages containing pot, and the Flandreau Santee Sioux Tribe of South Dakota paused plans to open the nation’s first marijuana resort.

Image via Garry Knight/Flickr

The Drug Enforcement Administration pointed out that drug fatalities are more numerous than automobile fatalities, and that gun fatalities are fewer than either cars or drugs. The DEA admitted that it routinely studies Instagram photos and videos indicating weed consumption and THC-centric social media hash tags. BlackGirlDangerous.org decried calls for a “gentler” drug war as classist and racist, and discovery of 400 cannabis plants in a house in the U.K. triggered fears of Vietnamese gangs.