Weekend Spoiler Report: Morgan Freeman Down With Legal Weed, More

Weekend wake and takes and cannabis content.

Rich, White Men Dominate the New Marijuana Industry
A trip to January's Viridian Capital Advisors Cannabis Investor Conference in Manhattan yielded observations of a burgeoning industry seemingly made up of "A group of guys who spent 1969 getting MBAs instead of caravanning to Woodstock. People who do not, and possibly never have, smoked weed." [MOTHERBOARD]

Denver Dispensary Security Company Says Business Booming
The legal bud business is a big one. And so is protecting it. According to an industry trade website, "A provider of security services to cannabis outlets and medicinal dispensaries said it is finding success with a recently launched program that offers a combination of remote surveillance and mobile patrol units." The Total Accountability Program was launched in December in an effort to serve the city's cannabis market, and has since brought on 11 new clients. [SecuritySales.com

Morgan Freeman Is Down for Legalized Weed
The actor and narrator-of-our-lives commiserated with Larry King on an episode of Larry King Now on the illegality of an herb he considers to be less dangerous than alcohol. When asked if Freeman takes part in the consumption of cannabis: “I don’t know what strains are,” he tells King. “If you have some good smoke and you [offer it], then, yeah.”[Raw Story]

Somebody Tried to Bring a Grenade-Shaped Grinder on a Plane
And the TSA posted about it on social media. The agency also runs our new favorite Instagram account. [The KIND]

This Is What It Was Like to Sell Ecstasy in the '90s Rave Scene
According to VICE, "This movement was undeniably fueled by several substances, but most notably, pressed pills of ecstasy." [VICE