9 Healthy and Super Sinful Snacks

Good food isn't always boring.

Stop eating your bodyweight in crap food when you're high. It's not good for anyone, especially you. If you're compelled to overload on sweet and savory goodness, try something nutritious.

What?! That sounds boring? 

Well, once you start eating these delicious snacks, you won't look back on the days and nights of consuming bags and bags of empty calories. 

Your belt loops might thank you too. 

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Spicy Nuts

Not only are nuts filling, but spicy and flavored nuts really satisfy in a sensual craving way. You can grab them at almost any convenience store. Your body will get way more nutrients (and protein!) from a small bag of nuts than a greasy bag of chips. 

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Apples + Almond Butter

Simple and sweet. Dip apple slices into almond butter for a sweet and fiber-rich snack that will give you energy. No need to freak out if you eat too many. They are a deliciously healthy snack. 

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Frozen Yogurt Strawberries

Splurge on fresh strawberries dipped in yogurt and then frozen for the ultimate sweet treat. Strawberries are the low-cal, go-to health snack for the kind of stoned sweet tooth that is apt to devour any and every piece of candy in a five-mile radius. 

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Banana Honey Toast

A piece of toasted whole-wheat bread with a creamy peanut-butter spread is always delicious. Add banana slices drizzled with honey, and you have a snack that is sweet and savory, and really filling. It will hold you over until you're ready to devour your next real meal. 

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Hummus + Veggies

In theory, chips might sound better until you dip your first carrot into a delicious, rich hummus. Mix up your hummus routine by trying new (spicy!) flavors and adding unexpected, crunchy veggies to the party. You'll be satisfied, and your pants won't burst at the seams anymore. 

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Apple Slice Cookies

Yeah, an entire bag of cookies sounds good, but why not eat something that packs the same punch, but half the calories? Cut an apple into thin, round slices, add creamy peanut butter and a few chocolate chips. You'll add some protein and fiber to your diet. And, of course, there's chocolate. 

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Reach for this salty and satisfying vegetable snack instead of a bag of chips. This snack is rich in micronutrients, protein, and fiber. It also tastes real good, and a handful is under 200 calories. 

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Frozen Banana Slices + Nutella

You should have these in your freezer at all times. Slice up some bananas, freeze them, and then dip them in Nutella for the sweetest, richest snack in your personal history of sustainable gluttony. And, lots of potassium and stuff. This isn't so bad for you. If you want to be a little bit gross, add chocolate syrup. 

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Cheese and Crackers

Historically always a winning combo and nutritious, a plate of cheese and crackers offers a whole lot more than a bag of Doritos. Don't fuck this up with shitty American cheese and stale crackers—stock up on interesting cheese and new flavors and combos of crackers. A minimal little exertion of effort will make it all that much more satisfying.