Chill/No-Chill: An Implant to Help Kick That Nagging Opioid Habit

The Food and Drug Administration recently approved an innovative medication-delivery system that can be implanted beneath the skin of patients and may be helpful in the battle to curtail America's opioid and heroin addiction epidemic. 

From the F. and D. Administration:

"The Food and Drug Administration has approved an implant that continuously dispenses the opioid addiction medication buprenorphine for six months, the agency announced on Thursday. Until today, buprenorphine for the treatment of opioid dependence was only approved as a pill or a film placed under the tongue or on the inside of a person’s cheek until it dissolved."

Would putting one of these long-acting, legal drug dispensers into your junkie arm be chill, because the future? Or no-chill because no UFO, no implantable probe?