Chill/No-Chill: Weed-Induced Brain Re-Wiring

A recent study on the human brain, weed, and bananas conducted by researchers at the Center for Brain Health at University of Texas concluded that its findings "demonstrate hyper-responsivity, and, specificity of brain response to cannabis cues in long-term cannabis users that are above that of response to natural reward cues."

Basically, if you smoke weed long enough, according to these eggheads, your brain gets way more stoked on weed-related activities, people, places and things, than it does for normal, let's say quotidian, stuff. Finding a heady dab rig would elicit more joy in the brain of a career pot-smoker than finding, say, a stable career. Or eating a delicious meal. 

Is weed rewiring one's neurological reward system no-chill, because there is nothing dope about a lack of naturally occurring dopamine? Or chill, because "weed makes everything better;" so whatever didn't get us stoked while we were sober probably just sucked in the first place?