Eat What You Want, Nothing Matters

Restraint is overrated and doesn't taste so great.

’Tis the season to eat like you’ve never eaten before. It’s the time of year where everyone seemingly worries about how tight their pants will get over the next few months. And, a new study showed that everyone’s bodies are so different that no one diet will solve the problem. 

So stop freaking out, and eat like a normal person and not a fat pig, and you will be just fine.

No terrible morning show, newscast, podcast, or Facebook feed is devoid of humans freaking out about overeating. An alarmist Today Show segment revelead that eating off blue plates might make you eat less. They also revealed (in a very, very effective test) that people who ate more greens first, and had to stand up and serve themselves, ate less that the fat pigs who passed enormous bowls of starches around a table.

Anyway, this week, don’t read things about diets. Read things about moderation, in moderation. Eat like a normal person and enjoy yourself. If you’re worried about living in stretchy pants for the rest of your life, go for a brisk walk. 

If you’re really thinking about going for it this year and shedding some serious lbs, after the holidays of course, then take a note from In the Heart of the Sea actor Chris Hemsworth because wow, he’s looks great. In fact, he says if you eat a whopping 500 calories per day, you too, can look like you’re dead.