Every Material Thing You Need to Meditate Like You Mean It

Make every day a relaxing spa day.

In your fantasy world you might have a spare room that is for whatever-the-fuck hobby you’re into. Perhaps this room is filled with Legos, or tiny Japanese candy food, or maybe the shelves are lined with cool stoner witch things. Whatever that place is in your mind, erase it, and imagine this: The ultimate chill room.

The ultimate chill room would include every single thing to help you relax, zone out, meditate, stretch, do handstands, and indulge in the most glorious body treatments. If you had this room, you could be a new person. Okay, if you don’t really have the space, maybe you can carve out a corner or a drawer to hold some good shit that will make you feel better.

Regardless of whether you have a room to spare, or some spare room in your sock drawer, you can always clear a private area in that most precious plot of real estate in the world—the space inside your head. The benefits of meditation have been well-known to enlightened segments of mankind since way back before the Beatles broke up. If mindful self-realization is good enough for elevated, super-evolved neo-hippies, then certainly it has something to offer the rest of us as well. Om on, brothers and sisters (and also you motherfuckers out there).

We promise that taking up a wellness practice, and buying all the cool shit that goes with it, will make you feel better than new. 

To rest tired eyes:

Manduka’s Insight Eye Pillow will lull you into a deeper savasana, and it might be the perfect way to unwind before nap time.

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To sit properly:

The proper meditation pillow is key to ultimate enlightenment. Sitting on a hard floor for an hour is kind of painful (if you didn’t know that already!). Manduka’s round meditation prop is made to keep you sitting straight, poised, and comfortable.

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To get rid of dead skin:

Rub Apothecary's Matcha Sugar Scrub is made of plant-based salves and tonics that will make your skin feel brand new. It’s all-natural too.

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To ring out and unwind:

It’s important to have a great yoga mat. This piece of plush can make all the difference in your practice. Even if your practice means lying on the mat and rolling around, a nice, solid mat is just the thing to make simply stretching out better. Jade Yoga’s eco-friendly Fusion Mat boasts a mean grip, in case you're into standing on your head.

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To lay down:

Cool and comfy pillows don’t seem necessary until you’ve just finished a three-hour meditation, and you are desperate to relax. Better yet, place your head on a fancy pillow during a long savanna. You’ll feel completely rejuvenated (with a stable neck too!). Get lots and throw them everywhere for so much added comfort.

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To tame your mane:

This nourishing and restorative hair rinse is full of real flowers and herbs that will make your hair the best it’s ever been, even if you are almost bald.

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To meditate for hours:

Try Enjoy Meditation’s cotton mat for long periods of meditation—including the bomb kind where you lay down.

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To heal yourself:

Palo Santo Sticks have been used by shamans for years. You don't have to be magic to employ these sticks for smudging, cleansing, and purifying. Rumor has it that these fabulous little pieces of wood can clear negativity and bring luck and positive energy.

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To recuperate:

Bee pollen has magical healing power and is full of antioxidants and amino acids. It can even help combat acne, wrinkles, and allergies.

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To rehydrate:

Use this hyaluronic acid-enriched serum for the driest of skin. It will leave you better and brighter on the outside, and you will feel revitalized inside.

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To practically sleep:

Ever covered yourself in a thick, cotton blanket during meditation? It’s the closest you’ll get to yogi sleep!

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To get ready for bed:

Indie Lee's hydrating, all-purpose oil is made for your face, body, and hair. Formulated with jojoba oil and a blend of lavender and chamomile, this spa-like treatment is ideal for your idyllic nighttime routine.

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To relax your muscles:

Yogis have been using this all-healing oil for years. Rub it on to reduce muscle pain or try it in your hair for the healthiest locks.

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