Science Says Human Lifespan Has Reached Its Peak

100 years or bust.

A new study published in Nature revealed that humans have reached the natural biological age limit, and it’s unlikely those numbers will continue to rise over the years. The research shows that if human lifespan was extended beyond 125 years, many scientific interventions (robots?!) would be required to make it happen, and then you would be really old and not actually a human anymore. Hey, you can only live so long; so stop being so greedy. 

Geneticist Jan Vijg conducted the study at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York. Vijg said there’s no reason to believe that the current maximized lifespan will constrict any time soon. He claims that we reached our max age expectation in the 1990s. So, be content, because this is it.

From the study

Since the 19th century, average life expectancy has risen almost continuously thanks to improvements in public health, diet, the environment and other areas. On average, for example, U.S. babies born today can expect to live nearly until age 79 compared with an average life expectancy of only 47 for Americans born in 1900. Since the 1970s, the maximum duration of life—the age to which the oldest people live—has also risen. But according to the Einstein researchers, this upward arc for maximal lifespan has a ceiling—and we’ve already touched it.

The study looked at mortality rates around the world from a big database, and saw a plateau of lifespan over the past 20 years. While scientists agree that the data at hand is correct, some insist we can’t really project the lifespan of babies being born now.

"Clearly if we're seeing someone who's 100 years old they were born 100 years ago—in 1916—and the conditions there were completely different than those faced by babies being born now,” Professor Dame Linda Partridge, director of the UCL Institute of Healthy Aging, told CNN.

There is the very real supposition that scientific interventions in biology, health, and who knows what else Google has in store, could change these numbers very quickly. All in all, most scientists and doctors agree that if you want to live a long time, without subjecting your diminishing humanity to some sci-fi shit, you probably want to quit smoking cigarettes, do some exercise, and avoid obesity.

Either way, good luck, guys, because life’s all going to stop happening some day, and we’ll see you on the other side.