Study: Too Much Weed and Booze Will Lower Your GPA

But just enough weed, and not a lot of booze is fine.

A new study from Yale and the Institute of Living, published in PLOS ONE, revealed that students who drank and smoked a lot weed got poor grades in the first years of college. But students who smoked a lot of weed and drank just a little booze were just fine. So hey, maybe be smart, and just smoke chill amounts of weed, okay?

From Yale News:

Researchers at Yale and the Institute of Living in Hartford followed 1,100 Connecticut college freshmen over four semesters. The students answered questions online about their monthly alcohol and marijuana use. The researchers found that the students fell into three clusters — those who drank little or no alcohol and smoked little or no pot, those who drank moderately or heavily but used marijuana infrequently, and those who used both substances moderately or heavily. (The researchers found very few freshman who smoked marijuana but did not drink.) There was little effect on grades in the first two clusters, but the grades of those who drank and smoked pot suffered the most.

"Doing a lot of both drugs had a significant impact, in terms of lower grades in our study, and in other studies, with a number of leaves of absences and those who dropped out of school,” Study author Dr. Godfrey Pearlson writes.

Well, no shit, because booze can really be a life killer/ruiner.You know what would be a better study? Testing out the freshman experience without alcohol completely, and figuring out the adjustment to college with just weed, or varying amounts of weed. Why? Because what if weed makes you smarter