Why 4/20 Is Actually the Healthiest Day of the Year

On weed's high holy holiday, we acknowledge and celebrate the healthful power of the plant.

April 20, the high holy holiday of the cannabis community, may actually be the healthiest day of the year. No seriously, hear us out.

In the last few years, cannabis has made the leap from vilified drug to full-fledged health trend thanks in part to a few very insightful studies showcasing the plant’s effect on the human body.

Take, for example, the study published in 2013 in The American Journal Of Medicine that found people who regularly smoke weed are skinnier than the general population. The study, which analyzed data from more than 4,500 adult Americans, showed that people who had smoked marijuana in the past month have a healthier response to sugar in the body than the average person, which could mean they are less likely to be obese, at a lower risk for heart disease, less likely to develop insulin resistance, and less likely to develop diabetes.

Or how about the one from the Scripps Research Institute, which shows THC prevents the buildup of amyloid-beta peptides in the brain (a main cause of Alzheimer’s disease) better than any currently approved Alzheimer’s drugs on the market. In fact, the researchers said THC was a “considerably superior” inhibitor of Abeta aggregation, so suck it big pharma. 

Cannabis has been shown to slow the growth of breast cancer, soothe excessive pain, increase cognitive performance, and can even improve lung health. So, while you’re lighting up or eating a few tasty edible treats this 4/20, make sure to take a moment and give thanks to all of the health benefits Mother Nature’s favorite plant can provide.

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