What if This Cop Was Your Dad?

Unless the video above is a subversive staged update of Abbott and Costello's maddening "Who's on First" routine, the Colorado police force includes some extremely frustrated improv performers who cannot shut up at the sight of a camera affixed to the helmet of a motorcyclist.

First off, move up to the video's three-minute mark. Now imagine you are an emerging adolescent, and this cartoon character cop is your father. Once you've finished scouring the floorboards of Dad's big white Ford SUV looking for spilled amphetamine tablets, you will wonder: Being raised in the shadow of this yammering prickly pear, what type of future do I have?

The sad truth is that for the rest of your life, no matter how old you become, you will never once be able to look at a grown man in short pants and take him seriously.

Thanks again to Boing Boing for turning us on.