420 Embroidered Hoop Art Will Make Your Home Better

Kitschy weed art can soothe the soul.

If you’re looking to sweeten your chill space, look no further. There’s something so homey and happy about hanging some grandma-styled embroidered hoop art on your walls—especially if Granny's wall art is 420 friendly.

Places like Anthropologie and Free People have jumped on this cross-stitch wall art craze, but the best place to find a weedy version of these super cool hoops is on Etsy. The pieces are all original designs, handmade, funny/creative and for weed lovers of all stripes.

Get buying, because these inspirational decorative handiworks will make your life a whole lot better. I bet you could use something to make you smile, right?

Home Is Where The Weed Is

Yes, duh. This cozy AF cross stitch art will make your home the happiest of 420-friendly homes. It's pretty cool and classy; so it might just blend in with the rest of the cool shit you have plastered on your walls. Like that Jim Morrison poster. Buy it here

Let's Get Highowa

Do you love weed? And Iowa? Have you ever been to Iowa? Whatever, this thing is so cute, and it's made with serious love and superb craftsmanship. Celebrate the Midwest, and smoking a metric ton of weed, because what's more American than that? Buy it here

Wanna Buy Drugs

This is perfect for any nursery because kids can't read. And it features Little Miss Muffett. And it's cool because it's totally supporting drugs. So this is really the most perfect piece of art on the Etsy market. Buy it here

It's Lit

This tiny, hand-sewn joint is cuter than most puppies. Hang this in your living room for ultimate cuteness, and consider some hand-knit doilies for your couch arms. Grandmas, puppies, and people from near and far will be impressed. Buy it here

Mountains Weed and Stars, Oh My

Here are all the best things stitched into one hoop: Purple mountains, constellations, stars, and marijuana! Hang it in your office for spaced-out inspiration. Buy it here

Treat Yo' Self

Ahh, this is just the best reminder to keep up with your self-care. Meaning, spend money, eat treats, and smoke lots of joints. It's the only way to survive these times. Hang it anywhere for maximum pleasure because this one is superrrr cute. Buy it here