Best Diet Food Ever: Boob Cake

A perfect, jiggly, calorie-free dessert.

Now you can finally eat a dessert, the whole damn thing, without wanting to kill yourself.

New York City’s Smorgasburg food fair is offering a new, and already popular, Japanese dish made of mineral water and agar, and topped by soybean flour, syrup, and brown sugar. It’s called the raindrop cake because, well, it looks like giant raindrop, or breast implant if we are just being honest.

Apparently, raindrop cake looks very cool and tastes very sweet and delicious all while freighting the basic calorie makeup of a puddle of water.

Darren Wong, creator of the jiggly-boobie cake, says it’s inspired by traditional Mizu Shingen Mochi from Japan. He claims that after a lot of trial and error, he came up with the perfect version of the raindrop cake for very hungry and skinny New Yorkers. 

Of course, Wong doesn’t ever say this "cake" is really a boob. I like to imagine he pokes and smushes the cake as if it were his own boob.

Just look at what Wong says about his own not-boob cake on his own website: 

"It kind reminds me of that scene from A Bug’s Life where they drink water drops off of leaves.”

Well, okay.