Carlie and Doni Talk Weed Humor

Girls who smoke together become superstars together.

I met Carlie and Doni for lunch in Hollywood. Immediately they made me forget that I was at some stupid business lunch. 

They were on their way to adore their faces on giant billboards in Los Angeles, but stopped to meet our team first, to talk about weed and The Real Housewives series. 

They explained that their YouTube show Wake N' Bake is about them getting insanely stoned and eating things with special guests. I knew they were extremely special people. 

The two comedians have a YouTube channel that will make you pee your pants. Of course they are already on their way to being pretty big stars. Maybe one day they will thank me and marijuana for helping them rise to the top. 

In the meantime, read this Q&A with Carlie and Doni and watch their videos and follow them on Instagram and Twitter, because well, they are diamond-in-the-rough funny. 

The Kind: How did you guys meet? And how did you know you were meant to be the perfect comedic duo?

C+D: We met at Los Angeles Community College Theatre Academy. We bonded when Carlie brought a jug of wine to school, and we got drunk and sang Sublime songs into a broom. Doni's last name is Carley and both our moms are white ladies from Idaho. It doesn't get much more cosmic than that!

The Kind: Tell me more about the Wake and Bake series and your Youtube channel, and how it started.

C+D: We love to Wake and Bake, and Carlie loves to cook. We were high one day and thought, "We should make a show where we get high and bake something and interview people." So we did! Our Youtube channel has the Wake N' Bake Series as well as the Your Mom Says Hi Series. Your Mom Says Hi is sketches and parodies about anything and everything from Real Housewives to toilet proposals.

The Kind: What do you think of women in comedy today? It seems like there’s a lot more room for female comics, right?

C+D: Yes for sure. It's a great time for women in comedy! There's tons of talented ladies out there killin' it. It's very exciting. We love Mindy Kailing and think she's an awesome example of a confident, talented woman doing something amazing in comedy.

The Kind: What’s next for Carlie and Doni?

C+D: After we smoke this bowl, we're going to continue working on our hour show which we're starting to put up at the end of this month. Ideally after that would come our Incredible, hilarious TV show and then lots of great movies, helping the world, and taking our stage show to Broadway.

The Kind: What are your favorite strains to smoke? Favorite smoke spots?

C+D: We love to smoke at the beach or on Doni's roof or in the car when we're on tour and have an eight-hour drive to the middle of nowhere. We mostly smoke hybrids when we work. They don't make us too tired and help get the creativity flowing. Our favorite weed is Grandma's Ass Crack OG.