Eaze Data Shows More Women Are Smoking Pot

Plus CBD products on the rise, and alcohol consumption way down.

Weed delivery service Eaze released the Eaze Insights: 2016 State of Cannabis Data Report to the public, and it revealed a lot about people who are buying and smoking pot.

The delivery biz surveyed its customers and collected user data and sales numbers to spot some interesting (and some obvious) cannabis trends. For example, it’s probably no big surprise that Eaze spotted baby boomers spending tons of money on weed, and that CBD products are on the rise. If you like data, you might want to check out the entire list of facts. Some of them might actually surprise you.

Perhaps the most important bit of information was that more women are smoking weed. Again, not so surprising, as studies pointed to this last year, but the big pool of Eaze’s data proves that more women are smoking weed now than even last year could have predicted. The findings say

In 2016, 25 percent of people using Eaze were female, or 1 in 4. By the end of 2016, women accounted for 33 percent of users, raising the total to 1 in 3. That’s a 32 percent annual increase.

Another interesting mote within all this data is that many people reported that weed has helped them quit drinking, or a least reduce their binges. And, maybe that’s directly related to women buying more weed. The findings say

Over 82 percent of people surveyed said that using marijuana has caused them to reduce their alcohol intake. A whopping 11 percent of respondents said that they’ve quit drinking entirely because of marijuana.

We know that women are less likely to admit to smoking weed because, for them as opposed to men, more risk is involved, especially if the smoking women are mothers. So while a lot of these kinds of data surveys can be skewed, it’s important to notice that more women are smoking and buying weed. And we bet there are even more that Eaze does not know about.