For Moms Working in Weed, the 'Stigma' is Worth It

CBS News talked to moms in D.C. whose professions all somehow cross paths with legal marijuana. The problems most of these women face are how to tell the children, and the constant challenge of gaining public acceptance, especially as mothers. But, they all say, it’s worth it.

Watch the video, but here’s some of what the cannabis-industry moms have to say:

“When you see our patients come in every day and they say that, ‘I can have a quality of life,’ to me, that’s my purpose. It’s okay for people to judge me based upon what I’ve chosen to do, but it’s very hurtful for them to judge my son where he’s innocent in this.” —Chanda Macias, Medical Pot Distributor

“When I first decided to come into the industry, I had a lot of concerns because I was a licensed attorney. So I had to decide, and I chose that I was going to go outside the box, and I was going to risk my license to do this. Some of the biggest anxieties that we all share, regardless of whether we touch the plant or not, is this concept that our businesses are at risk, so our incomes are at risk. And that is an issue that comes up with my kids a lot.” —Leah Heise, Attorney and President of Medical Marijuana Dispensary

“For me, the challenge is just every time I answer a question, it leads to more questions with my son. But I have that relationship with him where I will answer it. I try to answer it in an age-appropriate way, but he can ask me anything, and he does.” —Shawn Hopkins-Greene, Medical Marijuana Patient Advocate

“I didn’t have any problem with the sex talk, and I think it was ‘cause I had a book to go with. I don’t want my kids to have their friends’ parents say, ‘Oh, you’re not allowed to go to their house.’ I do feel like I have a timeline because my nine-year-old has one more year in elementary school, and I think that she cannot enter middle school without having this conversation,” —Jennifer Culpepper, Brand Strategy and Graphic Design