High Style Cannabis Accessories That Outshine Your Best High End Barware

Worth every penny, or hundred dollar bill.

A full spectrum of cannabis paraphernalia and goodies is on the weed market these days. Many of these items rival weed socks for cheesiness, but a select few pieces ascend to the level of product as art. Those rarified accessories are the ones we'll concentrate on here.

If you’re looking to upgrade your marijuana glassware collection, consider this: There are amazing, one-of-a-kind, handcrafted creations of weed glass that won’t just get you high, they’ll be a significant addition to your home-scape, and not just at your bar. Set these pieces of (pot) art next to your favorite decanter or on your mantle. With quality this high, no display case is out of bounds.

Here’s what to get and where to buy it. Start browsing now, because soon, you might just be a collector of the finest glassware that the cannabis goods world has to offer. 

Bauhaus Box by Object and Totem

Julianne Ahn is a textile design graduate of The Rhode Island School of Design and The School of the Art Institute of Chicago. Ahn founded Object and Totem in 2012. She cites her inspiration as “the nuances of meditative processes such as cording and turning." Each product is created by hand with a focus on maintaining its novelty, craft, and memory—whether functional or an intimate piece of decor. Plus, everything Ahn makes is so beautiful, including this perfect weed-things storage box. Looks great on any table, and it can conceal paraphernalia, or not, depending on your mood. $110

Beehive Smoker by Recreation Center

You can actually smoke out of this ceramic beehive. And it's a pretty cool sculptural statement piece that would sit real pretty on any ledge or shelf in your chill zone. You can buy it on Tetra, the spot for notoriously pretty and expensive weed stuffs, and they'll tell you how to use this thing : An indentation on top holds dry herb material; inhale through the large hole and unblock the side carb to release smoke. $90.

Jane West x Grav Labs

Jane West partnered with Grav Labs for the most premium (seriously good-looking) glass on the market. Not only it this stuff so technically-sound that you'll get the best high-efficiency high, but you'll certainly look good smoking. Jane knows we want nice things, just ask her: We know that well-designed products elevate your experience, and we believe that having a more elevated experience leads to bigger, broader social change.  $30 - $200. 

Apple Pipe by Lisa Sitko

Each of these ceramic apple pipes is handmade and glazed by artist Lisa Sitko. Gather a bunch and put them in a bowl like your granny would do. Imitation apples like these might not actually be nutritious, but they sure as fuck look amazing on a table. Sitko's Apple Pipes are made of porcelain and food-safe glazes. Will take you back to real apple pipes and sneaking weed from your parents. $100

Pastel Seed Pod Pipe by Lilah Shepherd

Lilah Shepherd makes these glossy-finished, one hitter pipes in Texas. Each piece is custom made; so no two, as the saying goes, are exactly alike. Beyond their insane whimsical cuteness, and their probability of making your life a whole lot sweeter, these sculpture pipes are great artistic pieces that add a little something extra to your space. We guess Beyoncé has at least one.$72

Regenbogen Ashtray by Fundamental Berlin

Can you begin to imagine a better-looking ashtray? Would you even call this an ashtray? Let's just say, while it can collect your blunt ashes, it can serve as one very pretty (and rainbow) piece of superior glass for your digs. Shine a light, or a lighter, and you've got yourself a magic rainbow party right in the palm of your hand. $90. 

As you can see, weed accessories need not be obviously weedy. Some form of cannabis use is legal in several states now, so while cannabis isn't a dirty little secret anymore, it's still a nice change of pace to get items without blaring weed leafs. If weed is a normal part of your everyday experiences, it's safe to say you should be able to get items that reflect your personal style and not just the stoned part of you.