Margot Robbie, Kim Kardashian Wear Alexander Wang Weed Dress

I want I want I want I want I want.

Margot Robbie appeared in a stoner-chic weed dress on Saturday’s SNL opening monologue as her first time as the host of the show. The dress, made by Alexander Wang, appeared earlier this year in his weed-stoner-friendly 2016 fashion line that is full of cannabis-inspired floral lace dresses. The dress has pot-leaf lace cutouts scattered on the bottom half, but some haters say the foliage is just Japanese maple leaves.

And if you didn’t know, Japanese maple leaves don’t get you high.

But they are defs prob pot leaves, duh.

The weed dress is so popular among celebs that weed hater Kim Kardashian (though maybe Kanye turned her to the bright side) wore that same Wang weed dress in a shoot for Wonderland, released Friday. 

Weed has infiltrated high fashion, thank God. And hopefully for good. Just look how perfect it is:

Perhaps a long time ago, wearing weedy clothes would indicate your stance on weed, or proclaim that you are a proud celeb who (probably) illegally smokes herb. Now, Robbie and Kardashian might just be wearing the dress for the simple fact that it’s an Alexander Wang, it’s beautiful, and every single person that is made of human blood has no problems with weed.

Props to Robbie who wore the dress on Network television. You can buy the cheaper, ready-to-wear Wang version that comes sans cannabis cutouts for $1995.