Marijuana Moderation Is the New Key to Optimal Self-Indulgence

Here are five ways to make moderation in all things work with pot.

You’ve heard it before—everything in moderation. The ancient Greeks came up with this motto as a way to differentiate themselves from the gorging Romans, but the concept of modest indulgences as key to life balance and wellness has been born again as a lifestyle practice called lagom, coming out  Sweden and spreading west.

Lagom differs from the popular Danish hygge, the idea self-indulging by way of being uber comfy and cozy, because lagom means to indulge yourself with moderation. The Swedish version of being happy is about doing what you love, but not overdoing it, to achieve peace and contentment. Meaning, you can still eat bread, just like Oprah’s latest Weight Watchers campaign boasts. 

From Vogue:

Lagom, the Swedish concept of “not too much, not too little,” may dominate 2017. Lagom translates to “enough, sufficient, adequate, just right.” Unlike hygge, which aims to capture a feeling, lagom is an ethos of moderation. A Swedish friend explains the concept with one clever, everyday example: milk. In Sweden, 1.5 percent fat mellanmjölk is beloved—it’s not a super-lean skim, but also not a fatty whole.

Lagom is not the craziest life adjustment either, especially if you are looking to up your happiness game or even shed a few pounds this year. The idea is not to deprive yourself of things you love; rather, embrace them, but not at full-speed. So, if you love bucatini carbonara, you can eat it. Just don’t do it too often. Likewise, if you love weed, you can most certainly smoke your way to happiness, but not the kind of stone-y highs that make you forget your mom’s birthday or make you lay around for days. (Maybe laying around for at least one day is fine under the guidelines of lagom though.)

It seems everyone outside of Sweden is down to adopt this concept. There’s an English magazine dedicated to the theory of being content and happy by keeping your life’s pleasures, but in moderation. Ikea has a campaign centered around lagom too, all about happiness, affordability, and sustainability. Plenty of (not new) diets say everything in moderation, like again, Oprah, and a million others like it.

Image via VSCO

Now, more than ever, there are a lot of choices when it comes to cannabis in moderation. In the years leading to this almost-mass legalization of weed, plenty of successful companies have launched products that will get you high to whatever extent you desire. So if you’re into cannabis, and you don’t want to necessarily let it overtake your daily life, we’ve got some suggestions on how to get high, but not too high. Just high enough, you know?

1. CBD

CBD, the non-trippy chemical part of marijuana, has been hailed as 2017's best wellness trend. It can chill you out and make you happy, all without making you feel too high. You can vape CBD (try a hmbldt Calm Pen), and you can eat it too (try Sakara chocolates). Many people take small rips of CBD to focus and function throughout the day, without feeling the effects of THC.

2. Microdosing

Microdosing is the epitome of lagom. It simply means that you can use any drug you want for its positive brain and health effects, and you take it in tiny doses so that you reap the benefits but don't succumb to a distracting high. Many women are microdosing LSD, shrooms, and weed to fight depression and anxiety, and it's working. 

3. Terpenes

If you're trying to keep up with cannabis in moderation, get to know your terpenes. Like we've said before, terpenes are organic chemical compounds produced by plants that carry aromatic or flavonoid properties. A terpene profile can predict your high, which might just help you achieve the exact high you want without smoking way too much. Ask your budtender. 

4. Edibles

Since cannabis is legal in so many places, the edibles industry is no longer a guessing game of how over high you might inadvertently get after scarfing a homemade brownie, Today, there are many wonderful products to choose from. Tailor your high by selecting the right (tasty) weed for you—meaning, you can suck on a candy with only 5mg of THC—enough to mellow you out, but not make you stuck on the couch. 

5. Body Products

If you are trying to cut back on your smoking habits, there are still several ways to get high, errr feel slightly better than you did before. There are so many bath and body products on the market that are infused with just the right amount of cannabis to make you feel fresh and just a little bit funky. Try Foria weed lube and Apothecanna weed lotion

When you think about it, moderation is really the ultimate indulgence you can give yourself. When you know how to do it up without overdoing it, you hold the key to your own health and happiness. Because the more you know about finding balance in your day-to-day, the more you know about yourself. And that is a gift money can't buy, honey.