Natalia Fabia on Painting the Female Form as a Spiritual Body of Work

'I love skin, curves, the soft and diverse anatomy.'

Natalia Fabia is a painter of fantastic female beings captured at moments of sensual exultation. Working out of a Costa Mesa, California, studio, Fabia creates environments that will bewitch anyone who has ever woken from a dream of tripping along a starlit path within a lush, bejeweled wonderland, and thought, How can I get back there? What do I need to do? Where do I need to go?

Well, between now and December, 10, 2016, all you need to do is bring your physical container to the Corey Helford Gallery in Downtown Los Angeles, California, or visit that gallery's online presence, to immerse yourself in Fabia's latest collection, Rainbeau Samsara. The lifelike and otherworldly paintings are part of an ongoing series exploring and reflecting the seven-year cycles of human experience.

Fabia visited the KINDLAND and shared some key elements to her Rainbeau Samsara kingdom.

KINDLAND: What are the seven-year life cycles?

Natalia Fabia:  To summarize, the cycles are stages of life that seem to occur in seven-year increments. Each cycle corresponds with a growth stage in the development of personality and spirituality. For instance, your basic personality is formed during your first seven years, and your intellect comes into its own during the next seven, and by 21 years old, the individual's identity has solidified.

Identity cycle can be a difficult time in life. It is the time during adolescence when you try to find yourself, and the craving to fit in can feel intense.

Subsequent seven-year cycles include maturity, seeding the inner kingdom, the cycles of spiritual abundance and material abundance. Later cycles, starting at around age 49, center around spiritual inventory, a cycle of decision, and—having begun the process of leaving the physical world and returning to the world of the spirit—cycling onward.

This information is available in much more detailed form on the Spiritual Growth Keys website.

KINDLAND: Are any particular life cycles generally harder or more joyful than others?

Natalia Fabia: Identity cycle can be a difficult time in life. It is the time during adolescence when you try to find yourself, and the craving to fit in can feel intense.

I feel like the first cycle and last cycle of life are joyful. I see it in my daughter who is 4 years old and in the first cycle of life. It is so innocent and beautiful. At the same time, I see parallel beautiful elements in the last cycle of life which my father is in according to age. My daughter and father are 70 years apart and have similar qualities.

KINDLAND: What do the words Rainbeau Samsara signify?

Natalia Fabia: Rainbeau is a play on my daughter's name (Peribeau) for her youthful and uninhibited innocence, the rainbows that can be found in any environment if you take the time to look, and the colors and jewel tones of my paintings. Samsara is Sanskrit and roughly translated means "sequential cycles of life." Inspired by recent personal events, I’m exploring what's known as the seven-year life cycles and the stages and emotions within those time frames from birth to transition (dropping the body), and our shared connection universally by stardust incorporated into my work with rainbow sparkle splatters and expressive marks.

KINDLAND: Why art?

Natalia Fabia: Why not?

I believe it is something that has to come out of you. That's how it was and is for me personally... I have always been drawn to art and creativity and enjoy it. It is also something that I can't help, where so many ideas form and must have an outlet.

KINDLAND: What are the challenges and rewards of concentrating on the female form as a painter?

Natalia Fabia: A challenge for me is when I paint my female friends, I tend to worry about what they think about my representation of them rather than creating a painting using them as a reference for my own expression… I used to want to please them. I am getting much better at it now.

The rewards of painting the female form and my friends is that it is great fun to get together, talk, listen to music, have wine, and really get to know someone very intensely while I paint them.

In my opinion, there is nothing more beautiful than the female form. I love skin, curves, the soft and diverse anatomy. Women are very powerful.

Natalia Fabia is represented by the Corey Helford Gallery.