Spotlight Series: Britni Sweet Designer and Founder of Love+Destroy

Scandinavian-inspired weed accessories that will speak to you.

Britni Sweet is an industrial designer from Rhode Island, currently living in Brooklyn. She launched her online store, Love + Destroy, last November and is already raking up the fans for her elegant, streamlined, fuss-free 3-D printed accessory line. 

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Inspired by Norwegian cannabis pipes

On a trip to Norway where she and her boyfriend visited local headshops, Sweet was inspired by the streamlined designs she was seeing on the shelves. These were pieces that spoke to her. She felt like she just hadn't seen anything quite like them back home in the States. When she returned to the United States, she knew she had found her new passion project. Not that design and manufacturing is anything new to Sweet. She practically grew up on the factory floor of her father's jewelry company and later studied design at Pratt. 

Using materials like porcelain and stainless steel, Love + Destroy products range from sweet little pots and dishes to ashtrays to pipes and one-hitters. Sweet's goals include purchasing her own 3D printing machines to do the manufacturing herself.

"I want to be able to touch it [the product] before it goes out," she says. "You want to make sure it's perfect because it has your name on it."

A self-styled perfectionist, Sweet is looking forward to being more creative with the glazes she uses and is excited at the prospect of future collaborations. 

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Getting into the weed scene

Sweet was diagnosed with ADHD (she cheerfully describes herself as "special and excitable") when she was a youngster and began to self medicate with cannabis as a teen—and still managed to graduate with a 4.0, thank you very much. Hers is the kind of consumer story we LOVE sharing because it showcases a young person who despite being a regular cannabis user managed to stay motivated and chase her dreams. 

“You don’t find stoners who are haters. Our culture, no one really hates.”

On facing negativity from being in the cannabis industry

"I don't like taking personal hits, I shy away from that," Sweet says, which is fair enough. It will be some time before society as a whole is as accepting of cannabis as we are of alcohol or echinacea or prescription drugs. In the meantime, Sweet says she takes a moment to feel out strangers before telling them about her love for the herb. Within her own family, she found that her parents grew more comfortable and supportive once they had seen some stats on the industry. They realized she wasn't headed down a dead-end road, professionally. As for being welcomed into the cannabis community, it's been smooth sailing says Sweet.

We always ask our interview subjects what advice they would give to women looking to enter the cannabis industry. Sweet enthusiastically exclaims that she is all for women doing this. "I feel like the industry has room for women. I would support them so wholeheartedly," she says. "The women in this industry are killing it!"

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Love + Destroy online

To see more of the Love + Destroy collection, visit their shop here and pick up a little gift for yourself or your favorite pothead. However, we highly encourage you to go and check out the company's Instagram page. Sweet has managed to create a page that is both beautiful and functional as a marketing vehicle. The feed feels editorial and exciting, which can be a difficult feat for many online retailers. We're definitely keeping our eye on Love + Destroy. And hey, Britni! If you ever want to do a collaboration with us, we are so in!

To learn more about Love + Destroy, click here.

This article was originally published as part of The HerB Life's Spotlight Series.