Study Suggests Women Love Weed More Than Men, But Only In Low Doses

Because 300mg cookies just aren't fun for anyone.

A new study shows what many of us have known all along: Women are hella into weed, but in smaller doses than you’d expect of a cannabis connoisseur. The Cannabis Consumer Coalition, a consumer advocacy organization, conducted an online survey of roughly 530 people from across the country. While their findings correlated with the results of similar studies on cannabis culture, they discovered some surprising information about female weed fiends.

Apparently, female participants reported using cannabis more often than their male counterparts, with more than 40 percent of the respondents spending over $200 per month on weedy treats. And despite recent trends promoting potent tinctures and waxes, users participating in this study showed a distinct preference for good old reliable flower. 

What’s more surprising perhaps is the fact that this study’s respondents admitted to favoring their black market dealer over trendy dispensaries and delivery services. And when it comes to edible dosages, respondents showed a clear preference for edibles with 10mg of THC or less per serving.

So, is it okay to finally admit that 300mg of THC is an insane serving for one rice crispy treat? And that no one actually enjoys feeling blazed into a stupor? I thought so.

Going back to that opening bit about more women being into weed, women represented roughly 60 percent of participants while men represented about forty percent. While the sample size of the survey is small and further research would need to be done to provide conclusive results, hopefully it confirms women’s deep interest in cannabis, allowing vendors to better tailor their products to ladies’ needs.