'The B Girls': 7 Surreal Women Created to Seduce Your Dreams

 Toronto-based contemporary surrealist painter Troy Brooks will be displaying his newest body of work, "The B Girls," at Corey Helford Gallery in downtown Los Angeles, California, from December 17 through January 14. To glean a basic idea of the culture injection these California people are in for, linger a few moments on the Troy Brooks website.

Next, hustle over to your social media feeds and rustle up a carpool date to the Corey Helford Gallery downtown.

For many of you, of course, viewing Brooks's weirdly beckoning and daunting visions of dreamscape femininity in person will be geographically difficult, and perhaps impossible. The artist has agreed to share seven fine examples of his work here, indicative examples you can interact with on your phone, tablet, or desktop device.

One suggestion: Do not view while driving or otherwise engaged in any activity that requires maintenance of a limited perspective.