The Best New Weed Jewelry for Expanding Your Stoner Witch Collection

Nothing says I LOVE WEED like earrings and charms.

Let’s be real—a lot of weed accessories are made for hacky-sack loving '90s stoner queens. And while there’s no shame in rocking a puka-shell-weed-charm-hemp choker from time to time, it’s nice to know that other things out there might fit your needs.

If you’re not down with weed socks (or fuck it, even if you are), there’s no better time to get into weed jewelry than right now. Gaudy is fine, charms are great, and anything oversized, plastic, and resembling a 1990’s Trapper Keeper vomit explosion will make you the life of any party. Add a few pot leaves, and you are the coolest stoner witch of all

Shout it from the rooftops, or at your feminist book club, or say it boldly with all this statement jewelry: We're fucking high, and you can’t stop us!

Here’s what to buy and where to get it (go now!):

DOPEGIRLSCLUB Highest Bitch Earrings

Do you really need these? Yes. Here's why: There's no way to politely offend your family around the godforsaken holiday times without these earrings. And they look, well, pretty dope. There's never a time where giant earrings will steer you wrong. Buy it now.

IGWT Kush Ring

Do you really need another ring? Yes. Here's why: It's important (sometimes) to be subtle. This is that kind of ring. It makes people look closer, and maybe deeper. And they might ask you if you're carrying. Buy it now.

MarinaFINI Weed Leaf Earrings

Do you need these huge earrings, really? Yes. Here's why: Sometimes it's important to embrace trends, like our current '90s obsession, because you will look fly, youthful, and like Lisa Frank threw up all over your face and body. And this is real, real good, promise. Buy it now. 

Trixy Starr Dank Necklace

Do I need this necklace? Of course! Here's why: "Dank" can certainly mean a lot of things, and tell haters you are really into damp basements. Or tell weed lovers that you love some dank nugs. No better way to say it louder than this statement neck piece, bro. Buy it now

Dekadensdesign Mary Jane Necklace

Do I need this necklace? Yep. Here's why: This one is cute, and classy, and dainty, and some days you just want to feel cute, classy, and fucking dainty, okay?! Buy it now

Vinca Hemp Earrings

Do I need another pair of stud earrings? Why, yes! Here's why: These are just timeless, friends. They work well for 11-year-old schoolgirls, and old lady weed lovers, too. They are a simple and sweet ode to Mary Jane. Buy it now

Vida Kush Mary Jane Charm Choker

Do I need this necklace too? Yes. Here's why: Look, people, nothing says fancy-as-fuck than yellow gold pot leaves. You could be a czar in this necklace. Hell, you could be just about anything you want in this charm-style choker! Buy it now

Trixy Starr Pink Mirror Irie Earrings

More earrings? Do I need these? Yep. Here's why: Guys, obviously these giant, mirrored, pink weed leaves could dangle from your lobes, and they'll actually whisper sweet nothings in your ears all day. They are guaranteed to make you some new, amazing, weedy friends. Buy it now. 

BadKarmaStreetwear Highasfuck Necklace

Do I need this necklace. Yes. Here's why: We know you high as fuck. Buy it now