These Secret-Pocket Underwear Will Keep Your Weed Safe

Uh yeah, yes please.

Roze Volca, the California-based intimate-apparel company, can help you hide your weed…in your underwear. That’s right. These women’s-underwear makers needed a place to hide their drugs at festivals (and for a lot of other occasions duh) and came up with a panty with a pocket. You know, to keep your “stuff” secret and safe.

From Roze Volca:

After years of festival going, there was always the complication of getting something as simple as a birth control pill, or as they would like to call it “prescription drugs,” into the event without hassle. Lame right? Or say you are rocking a dress with no pockets and you are like most girls these days that have ditched the purse for a more free and enlightened way of life, where does your ID go?

The weedy pocket panties can fit lipstick, condoms, one hitters, drugs, well, whatever the fuck you want to shove in there. There’s a 4-inch tiny zipper that keeps everything nice and secure so you can carefree carry your private stuff. The actual pocket measures 5.75 in x 3.25 in, and these weed underpants are made in America for women by women. A pair costs $38.

It’s basically a wallet for your bush. Okay, fine, we want a pair, or ten.