Tripping Stars: December Horoscopes

Some people don't believe in astrology. Santa calls those people dopes.

Aries: You’ve been feeling time lately, or maybe, again. This happens when the sun is rising and setting seemingly on its own whim, earlier and earlier on both ends. Closure is funny. There are so many clear instances of demarcation that the ephemeral feels betraying and foreign and palpable. Be the sun (the warmth) for a few days. Rise when the air might be too cold still; set when you’re not cold enough. Be your own boundary for a little while.

Taurus: The air feels heavy with what you don’t know, so think about the things you do know. Build a museum for your facts. Invite people to come see them, your things. Make them feel real by giving them a stage. Certainty comes in smaller quantities, which makes them precious, worthy of being behind glass, and handled with care. Uncertainty is obvious and encroaching. It doesn’t need you in order to exist.

Gemini: There are days when you don’t recognize your own voice in your head, days when you see a picture of yourself, but you’re not there. Those shapes, you think, they’re not you. The angles are all wrong, the lines barely connect. Other people see us when we can’t see ourselves. No doubt there is value in that perspective (necessity, even), but sometimes you just need to write your name over and over again until you see yourself in the scrawl.

Cancer: That dull, intermittent ache that has been ticking away inside you? The one that felt manageable and quiet, but now feels persistent, activated—like something feral has been hibernating and is clawing to get out. It’s scary to give every part of yourself access to the world. You feel like you know the bits that aren’t fit, that aren’t safe, as if that could possibly be your call. Nothing inside you is a danger, not if you let it breathe.

Leo: Change is a process, and it is certainly afoot. December can be a month for you to pump the brakes on anything that might be slipping out of your control. Even something moving slowly can start to feel like it’s happening all at once. Let yourself feel the transition; be inspired by the shifts that only time can provide.

Virgo: Use this month to check in with yourself and see where you’re at—with everything. Have you been allowing yourself to feel the things you need to feel, to pay attention to? The small hurts, the ones that seem frivolous—those are the most insidious, the ones that ultimately thrive within you and revel in their pseudo-anonymity. Name every feeling if you have to. Maybe use human names. Trick yourself into respecting them.

Libra: The end of the year gives you a perfect, acceptable out for whatever it is you don’t want to be attached to anymore. You don’t have to be the person you were this year, or yesterday, not if you don’t want to be. Not if that person is a stranger to you. Animals shed their skin as their bodies grow, and to let go of any hangers-on that have attached themselves and no longer serve a purpose. You’re an animal. Shed.

Scorpio: This month is as good a time as any to examine the connection you have to your work. Maybe you’ve felt like you want to be doing something else, but you brushed that feeling off as end-of-year exhaustion (which it very well could be). Let your mind wander past the things you do, or the things you’ve done, and let it land on something new. Imagine yourself doing something completely different, and being very, very good at it.

Sagittarius: The world has felt bigger, denser; maybe a bit unwieldy, or too much. Sometimes things do get heavier, but also sometimes you’ve been holding onto something for too long. Pass some of that extra weight to the people who love you best. (Or carry it with them, if that’s more palatable.) Put your trust in their strength for a bit, but just whenever it feels like you can’t trust your own.

Capricorn: There are two lists going in your head at all times: the things you can say, and the things you can’t. More specifically, the things you can ask for, and the things you can’t. It’s okay to want more, to want to grow, to want to be bigger than you are. It’s okay to ask for those things, too, as loud as you can. Yell if you have to.

Aquarius: Maybe you’ve been lying to yourself more often these days. “I’m fine.” “It’s not too cold out.” “It’s okay that my fridge looks... like that.” There’s nothing wrong with the lies we tell ourselves to survive, as long as we know we’re doing it, and why. A lie is rarely framed in honor; a disservice, really, to something that can get you to tomorrow. Telling a lie is not the same thing as living a lie. Telling is telling. Living is living.

Pisces: You have given a lot this year and it still doesn’t feel like enough, does it? Taking is not something that comes naturally to you—it feels like a one-way street in an unfamiliar town. Giving shouldn’t feel like a loss, and taking shouldn’t feel like stealing. It’s the time of year where both happen all at once at the same time. Use the din to take with abandon because it still won’t be near as much as you deserve.