Weedicures and #weednails: Giving Pot the Finger in a Good Way

Do pot flecks make biting your nails more or less appetizing?

Cannabis-based manicures are quickly approaching commonplace uniqueness among the out-and-proud marijuana community.

If you’re in the habit of following trending social-media hashtags, or looking at the headlines of pop-culture-media stories that report on trending social-media hashtags, then you know that elevated, edgy manicurists and some people who flaunt elevated, edgy manicures have made a thing of incorporating actual pieces of the marijuana plant in fingernail adornment design.

Examples of the glued-, embedded-, and embossed-green trend in nail décor can be found on Instagram.

Found quite readily, in fact.

Super readily, some might say.

More readily than really seems necessary, for instance.

Here's the beauty of Instagram: Feel free to stare at these weed-art nails with all the attention they deserve, which is more attention than might be appreciated by the wearers of the green if you were to appropriately gawk out in real life.